Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards, EPC Band F or G?

Do you know what the EPC rating of your portfolio is?

With the new Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards now in force the clock is ticking for landlords who haven’t improved the Energy Performance Certificate rating of their properties to a minimum of Band E as from April 2018 they may be unable to issue a new tenancy. Take a look at the flow chart below.

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Download the Government Landlords Guide by clicking this link.

Landlords Guide

You can read the full Government Guidance by following this link.

Updated Government Guidance

What can Bluewire do to help you?

1. Analyse your existing stock to determine which properties may need measures installing

2. Produce an energy performance report on properties that have old or outdated EPCs.

3. Advise which measures will give the greatest increase in EPC Rating for the lowest cost.

4. Access any funding that may be available to assist the landlord with funding the install.

5. Manage the installation process for any energy efficiency measures if required.

6. Issue a new EPC following the installation of the energy efficiency measures.

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You can download our guide to the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards by clicking on the flow chart below

MEES Flow Chart | Bluewire Hub Ltd