What is a Commercial Energy Performance Certificate?

A commercial EPC will record and demonstrate the energy efficiency of a building and provides an A to G rating. The Commercial EPC will also show a rating for a typical building of your type and a rating for a building that would be newly built.

How Much Will it Cost?

Our prices start from £165 for properties up to 100m2

In order to provide a fixed quote we require accurate property details to be provided by the client, including size (floor area) & full details of the heating/ventilation systems. If the property differs from the information provided we reserve the right to amend our fees. Accurate plans or CAD drawings can assist with producing the report. If plans are not available, these will be produced by the surveyor.

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When do I need a Commercial EPC?

If you want to rent or sell a commercial premises or the building has just been constructed then a commercial EPC will need to be undertaken – this is a legal requirement. The EPC is valid for 10 years. Please note if the building has a significant update, for example change of use, changes to the fabric, significant extension or additions to the property and/or changes to the provision of fixed services then a new EPC must be produced. If there are modifications to the existing premises after the original transaction date then a new EPC should be produced.

The following are exempt from the requirements

Places of worship

Stand alone buildings of less than 50m2

Buildings that will be demolished within two years

Temporary buildings