The innovative Bluewire 3D tour has changed the landscape for commercial property agents.

Virtual Reality scanning offers a market leading immersive VR ready tour to enhance your current marketing content, it also improves the efficiency of the office, reducing the number of ‘lost’ viewings. The movement between rooms feels completely natural and gives you a true reflection of the space you are exploring,

The more information that is presented about a property at the first point of contact, the greater the level of engagement with the listing.

The fully immersive VR tour also includes a Dolls House style 3D Floor Plan view of the property giving a true sense of the layout and floor space.

With the addition of tags to the tour you can link to pdf brochures, website pages, video presentations, building specific information and viewing booking sites to name a few.

Unlike with professional photography our cameras require no special lighting or extra lighting equipment it uses the natural light from with the building.

As well as creating the interactive 3D and VR experiences our equipment will also produce photographs which you can utilise in your marketing material and website.

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There is also the option of adding a 360 view of the exterior space such as parking facilities to enhance your clients experience.

Property Tours | Bluewire Hub Ltd

Once completed the 3D property tour can be embeded into your website and viewed on either a desk top computer, laptop, tablet device, mobile phone or with a Virtual reality headset. We can offer branded google cardboard VR headsets as part of the package that you can send out to potential clients.

The 3D tour will allow your clients to move around the facility in their own time to get an accurate picture of the building all without leaving the comfort of their own home.

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