5 Essential Considerations for Selecting Your Domestic EPC Assessor


Our 5 Essential Considerations for Selecting Your Domestic EPC Assessor could help any homeowner or property manager to make the best choice of a domestic energy assessor for their property. A quick search using Google (other search engines are available) can produce a long list of assessors but not all may be as it seems. We’ve condensed our insights into five critical factors to help you navigate your way.

  1. Value Beyond Price Tags

A quick online hunt for domestic EPC providers shows some seemingly attractive prices, often ‘starting’ from as little as £29 for a domestic energy assessment. However, this pricing model doesn’t effectively capture the intricacies of producing energy performance certificates for residential properties. The reality is a quality EPC assessments demand time, effort, and expertise. Remember, the more dedication invested in the assessment, the higher the quality of the final report.

  1. Local Expertise Over Nationwide Claims

Be wary of companies boasting a ‘nationwide’ reach. The truth is, no single entity can genuinely cover every nook and cranny of our green and pleasant land. Several sites which rank highly on Google fall into this category, and whilst their SEO is work is to be admired, it can be misleading. Such firms often outsource work to local assessors at a low fee, potentially compromising the quality of the assessment. Choose an assessor who is clearly operating within a defined and feasible area. They will be familiar with the local property landscape.

  1. Profile Matters

Look for accreditations like Elmhurst, ECMK Ltd, Quidos or Sterling Accreditation on the assessor’s profile. Additionally, an online presence, on platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook, can signify a robust professional network and reliability.

The ideal assessor should possess a tangible online presence, reflecting a reputable track record within the industry.

  1. Quality Over Quantity

Beware of companies offering a multitude of assessments beyond their expertise. A specialised focus ensures depth and excellence in the specific area of assessment. Ensure the assessor’s offerings align with their expertise, rather than an excessively broad range of services. Here at Bluewire we recognise that our expertise lies in the energy efficiency of buildings, not in photography or drone work.

  1. The Significance of Testimonials

A reputable assessor takes pride in showcasing their clients, illustrating their capability and successful assessments. The absence of such evidence might signal a lack of substantial experience or reliance on subcontractors.

In the realm of Domestic EPC assessments, it’s crucial to select assessors committed to providing high quality reports based on accurate data captured on site.


This guide isn’t a critique of others in the market place, but rather a compass to navigate the challenging landscape when selecting a reputable EPC assessor for your property. If in doubt you can always use these criteria as a checklist:

  • Are they a local company with knowledge of the properties in your area?

  • Is there a strong online presence, other than their website?

  • Ensure their professional qualifications and accreditations are up to date and relevant.

  • Can they name the assessor that will carry out the EPC?

  • Look for their portfolio of past and present clients.

At Bluewire Hub, we aim to ensure your EPC assessment journey is tailored, professional, and yields the best possible outcomes for your property.

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